The Strangeloves at Moth Bright

by Paws Menu

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Album Art by Michael Berto

and thanks to the original members of The Strangeloves:
Reading Marsh
Arnie Long
Britt Haullin
Kree Strong
Momen Brigg
Lassal Marr
Tometown Fife
Daisy Piper-Fife
Heraldry Ko
and last but not in the least, least; Amber Strange

"where obsolescence was never considered
comes a phrase
said to the skies
told by the ones before
communed by those who left
the ants want to leave inside
they sent us a sentry
late as a sunset
well it's like an ice box
they were always death defying light
timed pearlescent refraction
the great feast of rain
for a house of stone
wood and wolves
broken ethnicicity
it certainly is warm in here
cripple call au revolt
we will be done before it is done
a hall of lights above
meals before the nightfall
weaving while we come
throbbing since the eights
wooden cult inside the chamber
so the spoken left the salted
sea of sound behind as he reached for the pink flesh
when the earth and the caves feast
moon that moves around in a circle
be real people
when the mall was something without a name
how the moon sinks
and the leaving feeling everything that would be again"
Isha the Wondergrand
by Amber Strange

Amber and The Strangeloves toured the Midwestern United States between the years 1989 and 1993. Known mostly for playing dive bars and public parkways, it was said that they would bring personalised drink menus to the bartenders at the bars they played, as well as give away most of their clothes worn on stage, after (and sometimes during) their shows.

During the latter half of 1993, after watching the pilot for The X-Files, Amber Strange, having heard of a town in the north of the globe (of Earth) where no live music had ever been performed, decided to take the band on a single destination tour. The Town was called Moth Pines, and the only concert hall, The Bright, had been unused and unattended since the early 1960s where previously had been used for town hall meetings. Moth Pines, oft writ as being 'kissed by the sea, blessed with mountains of snow and warm sands', drew a seething light out of and towards the band's naturalistic and philosophical sensibilities.

The record presented as "The Strangeloves at Moth Bright" chronicle the audiochromatic odyssey that evolved and enveloped at Moth Pines. It remains the last known tangible touchstone of the band, their vision and own relic of their shared colourful artistic latter explorations into art and the nature of expression. The future since, of their legacy, is myth, fable, mere spoken word enthusiasm as the town, the band themselves and their musical reign remain largely lost to the waves.

The last known member of the band seen in public was Kree Strong, who ordered an almond iced coffee at the local diner. The last member to be heard from at all was Amber Strange, who broadcast a message on an old h.a.m. radio that was, apparently, only heard in the mountains above the town, where her poem "Isha the Wondergrand" was broadcast on repeat for 23 hours and ceased as the signal ended on the 16423rd repeat.

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released December 2, 2015



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"we can only strive to be like that one morning; the first time we soberly heard the earth sing"

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